Database Subsetting, Masking, Security

Sometimes a little help goes a long way.

Our professional services approach starts with making sure everyone knows why your organisation wants to pursue database subsetting and masking.  From the data masking perspective it's critical that they understand the risks and how the responsibility for data protection permeates throughout the business, including down to themselves.

They'll also need to know about the various data masking techniques, when to use them and what to be aware of when they do.   As a simple example we talk about making false assumptions about our data like a gender field - will it always be just 'M' or 'F'?  You might be surprised.....

Once we've got everyone on board and the principles understood it;'s time to go and look at one of your own databases.  We work methodically, identifying where the core of the personal data is and what it's like.  We'll also look at the impact of changing a data item since we may need to be aware of the impact it will have on items within the row, within the table and between tables, databases or schemas and instances.  This let's us build our data masking plan, which we then translate into masking rules.  We'll run them, check them, optimise them if we need to.  We're building something which you'll be using regularly as data masking becomes part of the corporate culture.

We're also very good at getting you started with Oracle's E-Business suite - usually the HR module and the schemas which we need to re-synchronised once we've changed your people data.  Don't hesitate to contact us if you're an E-Biz user!

An implementation engagement typically takes two days.  Once we're done your staff will feel comfortable in managing and maintaining the newly developed masking sets as well as enhancing them and developing new ones.

But our involvement doesn't stop there....

Because you will have purchased an annual support agreement from the author organisation we'll be there to help you during your first year using the tools.  This includes phone, email and web based support which may be a refresher session on what the tool does (perhaps a new staff member) as well as helping in the ongoing deployment and enhancement of your subsets and masking sets.  In short, we're there just when you need us!