Database Subsetting, Masking, Security

What Does Data Masker Do?

In one easy to use package it provides all the tools needed to substitute, scramble or otherwise obfuscate your test data. If you would like an introduction to the art of data masking please have a look at our Data Masking: What You Need To Know white paper.

Why Do You Want Data Masker?

Masked data is a sensible precaution from a business security standpoint and in many cases it is a legal obligation. Its not just a matter of trusting your employees - scrambled test information can help prevent accidental data escapes as well.

How Does Data Masker Do What It Does?

Simple and understandable rules are defined to operate on the data. The collection of these rules perform a series of known, tested and repeatable actions at the push of a button.

Each version of Data Masker has been custom written for the architecture of the target database and it operates only on that database. The database specific design makes Data Masker simple to use on very complex data and lightning fast on large tables.

Is My Data Too Complex to be Masked?

Not likely. Data Masker handles even the most intricate data structures. It can preserve data relationships between rows in tables, between rows in the same table or even internally between columns in the same row. Data synchronization issues of this type can be automatically handled by the addition of simple, easily configured masking rules. Don't worry about the size of the data either - Data Masker has successfully masked tables containing hundreds of millions of rows.

What Platforms and Databases does Data Masker Support?

Oracle and SQL Server versions are available. The Data Masker software is installed on a Windows PC and operates on both local and remote databases. There are no server side components for any Data Masker version. Oracle versions 9i, 10g, 11g and Sql Server versions 2000, 2005, 2008 and 2012 are supported.

Can I Try Data Masker Out?

Of course. A complete and fully functional 30 day evaluation copy of the Data Masker software is available for evaluation purposes - just go to the White Paper and Downloads page.

How do I get started?

The quick and easy way is in a web session with us.  Once you've downloaded and requested your license key (don't forget to mentioned us in your license key request) we'll be in touch to let you know it's on the way.  At the same time, we'll invite you to a web session where we can give you a flying start.